Studio set up

1-1 tuition studio set up - £50

Studio photography can be complicated and intimidating for even the most advanced photographer, and with the vast range of cameras and lighting set ups available knowing where to start can be confusing. This 1-1 studio tuition aims to demystify studio photography, making it easy to understand. You will be shown the my technique for setting up a studio for high key and low key photography and how to set up the lights and your camera on manual mode. Once you have set up why not hire the studio to try out your new skills on your friends,family or a model.

During your hours tuition you will learn the following:

  • How to set your camera on manual mode ready for the shoot

  • Setting up lights in the studio to get a pure white background for high key photography

  • Using a 1-2 light set up for low key photography

  • Which soft box gives the best results

  • Use of a light meter

  • Camera settings for high key and low key photography in the studio

To book please contact me